Boat holiday in Croatia

If you're considering Croatia for your boat holiday, here's your mini-guide! Emergency, fuel station information, skipper meal etiquette - it's all inside.
  • When do I need a valid sailing license to rent and sail a boat in Croatia?

    If you want to book a boat without a crew (‘bareboat’ charter) in Croatia, you’ll need a valid sailing license and a valid VHF license. Not sure if yours is valid? Here’s a list of accepted licenses in Croatia.

    Don’t have a license? No problem!

    You can still embark on your Croatian sea adventure; you’ll just have to hire a skipper to helm your crew through Croatia’s pristine coastal waters. If you have questions, just give our customer support team a shout – they’ll help you navigate those choppy licensing waters.

  • Pets on charter boats in Croatia - allowed or not?

    Each boat comes with its own pet policy, but Croatia’s marinas and charter companies are pretty pawsitive about having your four-legged friend on board. To be sure, just take a quick look at the boat page or drop us an email. And remember, while boats have safety jackets for humans, they might not have one for your pet, so don’t forget to pack it.

  • How do I find my charter company in a Croatian marina?

    Finding your check-in point in a busy marina can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll send you detailed instructions to help you locate your check-in point at the charter base. In Croatia, getting around any marina shouldn’t be a challenge, as they’re not too big.

  • What's the skipper meal etiquette in Croatia?

    In Croatia, it’s customary to share meals on board and invite the skipper for dinner (and cover their meal) in case you’re making a restaurant stop. Alternatively, you can provide them with a food allowance, and they can make their own arrangements.

  • Where can I refuel the boat in Croatia?

    You’ll find plenty of fuel stations along the Croatian coastline and on the islands (47, to be exact). Most large marinas have one and, if they don’t, you find it in a 10km radius.

  • Who do I contact in case of an accident on sea in Croatia?

    Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers are responsible for safety at sea. In case of an accident or incident at sea in Croatia, call 195 – the number for the National Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Rijeka (MRCC Rijeka), or send a distress call via VHF channel 16.

    After that, notify the charter company about the situation.