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Yachts for rent in Sukošan

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Yachtaris' boat offering in Sukošan

Sukošan, a picturesque coastal town near Zadar, welcomes sailors with its sheltered location within the expansive Golden Harbor (Zlatna Luka). Situated in the same bay is the huge Dalmacija Marina (1200 berths). Also close is Zadar, an important regional and historical center, where you'll find museums, ancient Roman ruins, and vibrant nightlife. Choose Sukošan as your port of departure if you want to sail to Telašćica Nature Park on Dugi Otok or visit the Kornati Island archipelago (easy access through Prolaz Ždrelac so you won't have to circumvent Pašman or Ugljan islands ). For sailors looking to go off the beaten routes, islands of Ist, Molat, and Sestrunj are calmer, less crowded options.
If you’re looking to set sail from Sukošan, Yachtaris offers 191 boats from 10 manufacturers like Bavaria Yachtbau, Beneteau, Dufour Yachts and others. Available boats range from 10 m to 17 m. They can accommodate between 4 and 14 people. The boats are docked in Marina D-Marin Dalmacija. We’ve created this offer for you in partnership with Adriatic Charter, ADVENTURE CHARTER, Asta Yachting and others.