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Dip into our neatly organized FAQs & get answers to all your Yachtaris and boat-booking questions, big and small. If we didn’t cover your specific question, send us an email.

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How Yachtaris works

  • What is advance provisioning allowance (APA)?

    Offered exclusively by crewed boats, advanced provisioning allowance (APA) is the extra fee that you pay in advance to cover the cost of provisions for your charter. You pay it on top of the booking fee.

    Think of APA as petty cash for the captain, the cook, and the hostess. They use the money to cover your food and drink, fuel costs, delivery, harbor fees, and cost of other services they handle for your group.

  • Boat holiday in Croatia

  • Who do I contact in case of an accident on sea in Croatia?

    Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers are responsible for safety at sea. In case of an accident or incident at sea in Croatia, call 195 – the number for the National Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Rijeka (MRCC Rijeka), or send a distress call via VHF channel 16.

    After that, notify the charter company about the situation.

  • Where can I refuel the boat in Croatia?

    You’ll find plenty of fuel stations along the Croatian coastline and on the islands (47, to be exact). Most large marinas have one and, if they don’t, you find it in a 10km radius.

  • When do I need a valid sailing license to rent and sail a boat in Croatia?

    If you want to book a boat without a crew (‘bareboat’ charter) in Croatia, you’ll need a valid sailing license and a valid VHF license. Not sure if yours is valid? Here’s a list of accepted licenses in Croatia.

    Don’t have a license? No problem!

    You can still embark on your Croatian sea adventure; you’ll just have to hire a skipper to helm your crew through Croatia’s pristine coastal waters. If you have questions, just give our customer support team a shout – they’ll help you navigate those choppy licensing waters.

  • What's the skipper meal etiquette in Croatia?

    In Croatia, it’s customary to share meals on board and invite the skipper for dinner (and cover their meal) in case you’re making a restaurant stop. Alternatively, you can provide them with a food allowance, and they can make their own arrangements.

  • Pets on charter boats in Croatia - allowed or not?

    Each boat comes with its own pet policy, but Croatia’s marinas and charter companies are pretty pawsitive about having your four-legged friend on board. To be sure, just take a quick look at the boat page or drop us an email. And remember, while boats have safety jackets for humans, they might not have one for your pet, so don’t forget to pack it.

  • How do I find my charter company in a Croatian marina?

    Finding your check-in point in a busy marina can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll send you detailed instructions to help you locate your check-in point at the charter base. In Croatia, getting around any marina shouldn’t be a challenge, as they’re not too big.

  • Reviews & feedback

  • Who's responsible for resolving a complaint I leave with you?

    If you write in with a complaint – about your booking, our website, or anything in between – it won’t get swept under the rug. We’ll take time to review your complaint. We’ll reach out for more info. We’ll contact the charter partner if the complaint is about a previous or current booking.

    Our goal here is to satisfactorily resolve your every reasonable complaint. It might take us anywhere between 7 days to 1 month to do that, depending on the situation. But we’ll get it done. And we will keep you in the loop throughout the entire process.

    You have a right to contact the relevant Consumer Rights Protection Agency if you’re not satisfied with our decision.

  • What should I do if the boat I'm on doesn't match the listing?

    If the boat you’re presented with at check-in isn’t the one you booked – or if its actual condition doesn’t match the description/photos on our website – please get in touch with our customer service right away.

  • What if I need help during my rental period?

    At check-in, you’ll get a few contact numbers you can call in case you need assistance. In case of an emergency (like injuries or safety threats), call the national emergency number 195 or send a distress call via VHF channel 16. But only in case of emergencies. For everything else – loss of equipment, small and manageable boat damage, damaged equipment – you need to call the charter company on the number provided.

  • How do I make a complaint about third party services?

    For any issues with third-party services, contact the service provider directly.

  • How do I make a complaint about the boat I have rented in the past?

    You can submit your complaint directly to us, as well as to the charter company. Our advice? Do that as soon as possible (ideally, as soon as you notice something that you should complain about), while we can still help smooth things out and find a solution. You can always share your experience – good or bad – with us. After each booking completion, we send out an email collecting feedback.

  • How do I make a complaint about a boat I am currently on?

    First off, it’s a bummer to ever find yourself in a situation like this! We get it, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

    First course of action, contact the charter company directly for any irregularities, boat damage, or missing/broken equipment on the boat. They’re responsible for making sure that the boat you’re on matches the description provided on Yachtaris at the time of your booking.

    If they can’t help immediately (it happens, especially if you’re tens of miles away), please notify us via email. Depending on the type of complaint, our team will recommend an appropriate course of action.

  • Can I write a review of my boat booking experience?

    Yes, you may!

    In fact, we insist you do – and we appreciate your feedback. You can leave your review directly with us – each boat page has a review section that we update based on reviews collected from sea dogs who’ve took it for a spin.

    But, if you want to do us a solid, you can go to TrustPilot and leave the review of your Yachtaris experience there.

  • Deposit, taxes & extras

  • What’s security deposit insurance?

    Security deposit insurance is a policy that insures your deposit amount, either partially or totally. If the charter company needs to keep your deposit to cover accidental damage or missing equipment, your insurance company pays you out. We don’t offer deposit insurance, and neither do most charter companies. If you want to insure your charter deposit, contact your preferred insurance company.

  • What’s a transit log/charter package?

    Transit log, also known as comfort package/charter package (and rarely, preparation fee), is a service fee you, in most cases, pay at check-in*. It’s mandatory and directly collected by the charter company that rents the boat. Almost all charters take both cash and credit cards for this charge, and you pay before departure.

    * (In rare cases, Yachtaris collects this fee in your initial booking payment. This happens at charter company request and isn’t common. Don’t worry – every boat page has transit log payment details & we’ll let you know if we’re required to charge you immediately.)

    It can range from €100 to approximately €1000 (sometimes more) for non-crewed boat rentals. On average, expect to pay between €200 and €300 for a mid-range boat in most Mediterranean countries.

    The golden rule: if it’s included in the charter package, you’re getting it without paying extra. So, no hidden charges, no ugly surprises. On Yachtaris, each boat’s page will tell you exactly what’s in included in the transit log… and exactly how much you’re going to pay for it.

    In 90% of the rentals, the transit log covers:

    • boat rental logistics & paperwork (registration, diving checks, etc.)
    • fresh bed linens & towels (one set clean for linens, 2 towels per person)
    • final cleaning
    • stove gas

    Some of our partners include extras here to make your stay more comfortable:

    • kitchen & bathroom starter pack (toilet paper, washing up liquid, etc.)
    • outboard motor & fuel (5 liters)
    • stand-up-paddle (SUP)
    • barbecue
    • Wi-Fi access
    • dinghy

    On crewed-only boats, the charter package charge will also include crew cost. In that case, the cost can increase significantly… but you’ll be waited on hand and foot during your entire stay!

    Why is it called the transit log?

    So you want to earn extra credit and impress your shipmates?

    While this charge could easily and more understandably be called ‘preparation fee’, the old Turkish customs & sea trade term stuck and is still in use worldwide. Transit log (which is still used in Türkiye in its original form) is an official document given to the harbor master or custom authority officer. It covers immigration, customs, and other paper checks, and is required when navigating territorial waters.

    Example of an original transit log document as it was used historically - as an official document issued by harbor masters. This particular example features details about last port of call, cargo, and other information.

    One-and-done deal

    Remember – the transit log charge is not a per-person, per-night affair.

    It’s a one-and-done fixed charge that’s mandatory no matter how many shipmates you bring aboard or how many days you rent.

    When choosing your boat, carefully check the boat description page to see what’s included in the transit log to avoid paying extra for something that you’ve already paid for.

    And, if you have questions, contact our support team and we’ll give you a hand figuring things out.

  • What’s a refundable security deposit fee & why is it mandatory?

    The boat charter company needs a security deposit before releasing the boat in your care. This deposit is a temporary lump sum amount that the charter company needs as a guarantee that you will take good care of their boat. The full deposit amount is returned to you after the boat is safely back (undamaged and no major items/equipment missing).

    You will need anywhere between €500 and €5,000 for the security deposit. The amount depends on boat size, amenities, and extra equipment. Brand new boats come with a higher deposit amount.

    The average deposit amount (on 80% + boats listed on Yachtaris) is between €1000 and €3000.

    When booking through Yachtaris, you will see the full deposit amount on each boat’s page, so you know exactly what amount you need to (temporarily) budget and when you’ll need to have it available (at booking or at check-in).

    This deposit covers any potential bumps or bruises that might happen to/on the boat during your trip, as well as missing equipment or items. Most charter companies collect the security deposit for the boat during check-in, and you can cover it with cash or a credit/debit card hold. With CC, the deposit amount is ‘reserved’ on your card, which means you can’t use it until it’s released back by the charter company.

    You will get your deposit cash back when you return the boat in the same condition they gave it to you. Same goes for your credit card hold – the funds are released after safe return of the boat (though it might take your CC company/bank a few days to process the return).

  • What's travel insurance?

    Travel insurance is your safety net in case of unexpected – and costly – events that can happen during your boat holiday. Travel insurance policies can financially cover you for a lot of unforeseen events, but are mostly used to insure against medical emergencies, lost or delayed luggage, and personal liability.

    You’re not required to take out travel insurance when booking your boat with us, but we highly recommend it for your peace of mind. We do not offer travel insurance: if you want to take it out for the duration of your sea adventure, please contact your preferred insurance company.

  • What payment methods do charters accept for extras payable at check-in?

    To find payment methods available at the charter company base (during check-in), scroll to the bottom of the boat page.

    In most cases, they accept cash, credit card, and wire transfer payments.

  • What is tourist tax?

    Tourist tax (also known as sojourn tax) is a small mandatory fee you pay for every overnight stay in charter destination country. Most charter destination countries collect a form of this tax from tourists.

    Tourist tax is usually calculated and paid per person, per day.

    You pay the full amount of tourist tax to the charter company during check-in. (Some charter companies don’t accept credit card payments when settling this fee. If that’s the case, this information will be on the boat page. If it’s not there or it’s not clear, contact us, and we’ll double-check and get back to you. Our advice is to calculate the total amount in advance (number of guests X number of nights you’re staying), and make sure you have enough cash at check-in. )

    While almost all countries collect this fee, the amount is never outrageous. For example, in Croatia, tourist tax is capped at €1.40 per person per day. It could be less or even nothing, depending on where you are in the country and your age (children under 12 don’t pay).

    (Besides per person, per day calculation, some destinations also offer alternatives, like paying per boat length. However, per person, per day model is almost universal and usually the most affordable way to pay.)

  • What is advance provisioning allowance (APA)?

    Offered exclusively by crewed boats, advanced provisioning allowance (APA) is the extra fee that you pay in advance to cover the cost of provisions for your charter. You pay it on top of the booking fee.

    Think of APA as petty cash for the captain, the cook, and the hostess. They use the money to cover your food and drink, fuel costs, delivery, harbor fees, and cost of other services they handle for your group.

  • What additional costs can I expect when renting a boat?

    Don’t forget, your adventure on the waves isn’t just about the boat rental fee.

    You’ll also have a few obligatory charges like the tourist tax and transit log. If you’re feeling fancy and want extras like a stand-up paddleboard, a skipper, or an outboard motor, budget extra for them.

    But don’t worry, we’re not about to spring any surprises on you. We’ll show your total cost at every stage of your booking process, with a clear cost breakdown of what you pay online and what you pay at check-in. All the extras you choose – individual amounts & the total amount – will be clearly visible before you complete your booking.

    The most considerable extras you’ll have to budget for are boat fuel (diesel) and marina fees. Those expenses are never paid online or at check-in, but directly in marinas and at fuel stations.

    If you’re hiring any crew (skipper, hostess, cook), you’ll make payment arrangements with the charter company. In rare cases, we might charge your crew costs at booking and at charter’s request, but that’s not common practice and we’ll clearly state it on the boat page.

  • Is fuel included in the booking price?

    The fuel (diesel) for the boat is not included in the booking price.

    Just like when renting a car, the fuel’s an extra cost you need to cover. You’ll start your voyage with a full tank of diesel fuel. And you’re expected to return the boat the same way.

    Worried about refueling? Our suggestion is to talk with the charter company employee at the check-in. They’ll give you first-hand information on how and where to refuel before dropping off the boat.

    If your boat has a dinghy and an outboard motor, the fuel (petrol) for that is included in the price (usually, you get a 5L canister that you don’t have to refill).

  • How can I increase the chance of getting my full security deposit amount back?

    Much like when you rent a car, there’s a check at the beginning and end of your trip. As long as the boat comes back in shipshape (that includes all equipment and items), you’ll get the full amount back.

    If the charter company finds damage on the boat (or missing items or equipment), they can keep some or all of your deposit. Expect a thorough check – including an underwater dive sweep – once you return the boat.

    To keep things above board, we strongly recommend that you be present during both checks. Point out any existing visible damage on the boat, and make sure that it’s recorded by the charter employee.

    Not 100% happy with the check?

    Don’t be shy to take extra photos with your phone – those could come in handy in case of a dispute with the charter company.

  • Cancellation insurance - what is it & do you offer it?

    Cancellation insurance is special travel insurance that covers your boat rental payment(s) in case you have to cancel your booking.

    Depending on the type of insurance policy you arrange, you’re entitled to a partial or full refund of your costs (covered by the insurance company).

    Yachtaris doesn’t offer cancellation insurance. Some of our charter partners do offer it as an extra. If it’s available for your boat, it will be on the boat page under extras. Alternatively, you can insure your booking with your preferred insurance company.

  • Marina & check-in/check-out

  • Who do I contact in case of an accident on sea?

    National Maritime Rescue Coordination Centers are responsible for safety at sea. You’ll find a partial list with phone numbers on this link. In case of an accident or incident at sea, call the number for the country you’re in. If you’re in Croatia, call 195 – the number for the National Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Rijeka (MRCC Rijeka) – or send a distress call via VHF channel 16.

  • Where do I find the charter base in the marina?

    Finding your check-in point in a busy marina can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. We’ll send you detailed instructions to help you locate your check-in point at the charter base.

  • Where do I find the address for the marina?

    You can find the address of your marina at the bottom of the boat page, in your booking confirmation (you’ll get it via email), on the marina’s website, or by contacting us.

  • Where can I refuel?

    Most charter destination countries have the refueling situation well in hand. You’ll find gas stations in most large marinas, close to large ports, and around major coastal cities.

  • When will I receive the charter’s contact details?

    As soon as your payment sails through, we’ll drop the charter’s contact details and all the booking info straight into your email inbox.

  • When can I check-in?

    You’ll find the check-in time on the boat page.. If you can’t check in during the provided time, shoot us an email. We’ll contact the charter company & see if we can arrange a different time slot. If that’s not possible, we’ll try to find a similar boat with check-in times that work for you.

  • What time is check-in/check-out?

    Just like hotels on dry land, check-in and check-out times can vary. You’ll find that information on the boat page.

    But don’t worry – we’ll also include check-in/check-out time (and other relevant charter/marina information) in your booking confirmation email.

    You can safely assume that check-in hours are early/late afternoon, and check-out hours are early morning.

  • What is a crew list?

    A crew list is like a headcount of your shipmates and it’s not just for our record keeping.

    In most countries, laws require charter companies to submit a crew list to a governmental agency (usually the Ministry for Maritime Affairs). Also, a crew list is handy for calculating the tourist tax, since the charter company handles the processing of that payment for you.

  • What happens if the boat gets damaged during the rental period?

    Let’s hope it doesn’t happen, but if you find yourself facing damage during your boat rental, contact the charter company immediately. They’ll guide you through the next steps. If repairs on the spot aren’t possible, you may have to cut your journey short and return to base.

    At check-in, you’ll get the charter’s contact information and other instructions about what to do in case of accidents, damage, or breakage on the boat.

    Depending on the damage and the responsibility for that damage, this could make a significant dent in your security deposit.

  • I'm arriving by car - can I park at the marina?

    Most marinas have large car parks, and you shouldn’t have a problem finding a spot if you’re driving in.

    You’ll need to pay to park your car in the marina.

    Daily and weekly rates for marina car parking are listed on the boat page (bottom of the page, section labeled ‘Marina Information).

  • How do I know where the boat is located?

    Finding your check-in point in a busy marina can be a bit of a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. After you book, we’ll send you an email with detailed instructions to help you locate your check-in point at the charter base.

  • How do I get to the marina from the airport or train station?

    You can grab a taxi, catch a shuttle, or take public transport.

    If you’re flying to the nearest airport, check the boat page – most will contain information about an average taxi fare.

    Need more options? Drop our customer care experts an email and they’ll recommend extra options based on how you’re arriving.

  • How can I provision my boat in advance?

    Some charter companies offer a provisioning service, either full or partial. Depending on their flexibility and offers (and your budget), this will cost you between EUR 25 and EUR 40 per person per day.

    If you want to take care of provisioning yourself, your best bet is to do it a day before (or morning of) your check-in. If you’re arriving a day early, you could contact the charter company and ask if they’d be willing to safely store your provisions overnight (which means you’ll have a lot less of carrying around to do).

  • Do I have to clean the boat when I leave?

    While your transit log covers the final cleaning, it’s best to leave the boat tidy. If there’s more cleaning than usual needed, you might get hit with an additional fee.

  • Can I take out my boat earlier than stated in the rental terms?

    Certain charter partners offer an early check-in option that lets you set sail in the morning rather than the late afternoon. If such an option exists for your chosen boat, you’ll spot it as a paid extra on the boat’s description page. If it’s not there, don’t worry – we’re pretty resourceful. Shoot us an email, and we’ll do our best to sort out an early departure for you and your crew.

  • Licenses & hiring a skipper

  • Will a skipper teach me boat handling and sailing?,

    Most skippers don’t go into the nitty-gritty of sailing during the time they spend with you.

    When you hire a skipper, you’re hiring them to handle the boat and get you from point A to point B safely. It’s difficult to fit a hands-on course into the itinerary in this case. However, some skippers will go over the basics with you at the start of the journey (ask them before you set sail).

    Looking for a more comprehensive training experience?

    Some charter companies offer a training day with the skipper as a paid extra – Skipper Instructor Training. Give us a shout if you can’t see that extra for your preferred boat – we’ll double-check to see if we can arrange it.

  • Who is responsible for the skipper's meals?

    The skipper’s meals are your responsibility.

    You can share meals on board or give them a meal allowance so they can make their own arrangements.

    In Croatia, for example, it’s customary to share on-board meals with the skipper, and to invite them for dinner (and cover their meal) whenever you’re making a restaurant stop.

  • What's the difference between booking bareboat & hiring a skipper?

    Hiring a skipper gets you a pro sailor who will manage and sail the boat for the duration of your trip.

    Sailing bareboat means you’re the captain and the crew. To rent bareboat, you should have experience and a valid sailing license.

  • What's the cost of hiring a skipper?

    Hiring a skipper will run you between €150 and €200 per day for a 12-15 meter (40-50 ft) boat on the Mediterranean. A week’s sailing with a skipper will cost you between 1,050€ and 1,400€.

    Skipper fees are higher for larger boats.

  • What's a bareboat charter?

    A bareboat charter is a crewless boat rental.

    When you book a bareboat, it means you’re setting sail without a skipper. It also means that you – or someone in your party – should know (and be comfortable) sailing and managing the type of boat you book.

    Since you’re responsible for the boat and the safety of everyone on it, most countries require you have a valid sailing license (RYA or ICC equivalent) if you’re booking bareboat.

    If you’d rather relax on your holiday, you can always hire a skipper (available for nearly all boats in our offer) who’ll do most of the work

  • What is the 'Skipper Instructor Training' that's available as an extra on some boats?

    If you choose this paid extra, your skipper will spend a day teaching you and your crew the basics of boat handling, sailing, and navigation. Think of it as a crash course on managing a sailboat – you’ll learn how to handle the sail, change course, and the basics of sailing in course.

    If you’re renting a sailboat and have no prior experience sailing, this extra will help you find your sea legs faster.

  • What does a host/hostess do & can I hire one?

    A host/hostess is an extra pair of helping hands on the boat. They help the captain/skipper keep the vessel in ship shape, assist with docking and, depending on your arrangements, make sure that the boat is provisioned.

    You can hire a host/hostess for most boats available on Yachtaris. If this option is not available as an extra, let us know and we’ll coordinate with the charter company to make it happen. However, remember that smaller boats have limited sleeping space. If you’re hiring a skipper, too, then things might get cramped.

    On larger, crewed boats, host/hostess can come as a part of a packaged deal, along with a skipper and a cook.

  • Does the skipper speak my language?

    All skippers can chat in English, and some speak other languages too.

    If your group doesn’t speak English (or you’d prefer to communicate in your native language), send us an email after your booking. We’ll coordinate with the charter company to find a skipper who speaks your language.

  • Does the skipper sleep on the boat & where?

    Yes, the skipper sleeps on aboard.

    Usually, they’ll have a dedicated cabin on larger boats, or a berth in the salon on smaller ones.

    But take our suggestion – give one cabin berth to the skipper. You won’t regret it.

    After all, they’re responsible for everyone’s safety, so it’s important they’re well-rested. Also, if they sleep in the salon, this limits your movement after hours (and not wee hours… because skippers go to bed early).

  • Do I need a valid sailing license to book a boat?

    If you’re thinking about renting a boat without a crew (or what we call a ‘bareboat’ charter), you will need a valid sailing licence in most countries (RYA and ICC are recognized internationally) for boats over a certain size and/or horsepower. Not sure if yours is valid in your destination country?

    Here’s a list of accepted nautical licences for the world’s most popular charter destination countries.

    Don’t have a license? No problem! You can still embark on your sea adventure; you’ll just have to hire a skipper to helm your crew. If you have questions, just give our customer support team a shout – they’ll help you navigate those choppy licensing waters.

  • Do I need a skipper?

    Certain boats, particularly larger or more luxurious ones, can only be rented with their captain and crew. If you already know you don’t want to rent such boats, use the filters on our search results page to exclude them.

    Many boats offer the “bareboat" option, meaning you can rent them without a skipper. If you don’t have a boating license, you can hire a skipper as an add-on during the booking process.

    Keep in mind, hiring a skipper comes with an additional cost, which varies based on the size of the boat. Also, you’re expected to provide food and accommodation for the skipper for the length of your rental.

  • Do I have to tip the skipper?

    You don’t have to tip your skipper (or any of the crew), but it’s customary.

    If you’re happy with their work, a tip equal to an extra day’s pay is a good rule of thumb in most destinations.

  • Can I still sail the boat even if there's a skipper onboard?

    So you want to take the wheel even with a skipper onboard?

    In most cases, this won’t be a problem, especially if you’re an experienced sailor/boater. Even if you’re a beginner, most skippers will be happy to give you a crash course in boat handling and navigation, and stay close by to make sure everything goes smoothly.

  • Can I choose our skipper?

    The charter company assigns skippers, but if you have a preference (for example, that the skipper speaks your language), let us know. We’ll do our best to make it happen.

  • Payments and refunds

  • Why didn't I get a full amount refund after cancellation?

    You’re eligible for a full refund on your boat booking only in certain cases, and only with certain charter companies. You can see the refund policy for each boat on the boat page.

  • When is my credit card charged?

    When you book your boat, we’ll run an authorization check on your credit card, but we won’t charge it. We will only charge you once we double-check with the charter company that your preferred boat is available. This usually happens within 24-48 hours after your place your booking request.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept credit card payments and bank transfers for all bookings. You’ll see all the options in the final phase of your booking process.

  • In case of approved cancellation, do I get my full paid amount back?

    The refund amount upon approved cancellation depends on the charter’s booking policy. You’ll find that information on the boat page.

  • How do I pay for my boat booking?

    We accept all major credit cards or with a wire transfer. Additional payment options (usually for extras paid at check-in) might be available. We’ll mention them on the boat page.

    If available, we will also show additional booking payment options in the final phase of the booking process.

  • How can I view the balance for my booking?

    Once we confirm your booking and you make an initial payment, we’ll send you an email with all the details, including paid and remaining balance.

  • How can I pay my remaining balance?

    When it comes time to pay your balance, we’ll email you with all the details, depending on your preferred payment method.

  • How can I make a partial payment?

    You can make an in partial payment towards your holiday only if you book more than 30 days before your chosen dates. Your final payment is due 30 days before your check-in date. We’ll email in advance so you’re not caught by surprise.

  • Can my booking price change after booking?

    Once we confirm your booking (and after you make the initial payment, either in full or partial), your price is locked in. However, any additional services or modifications requested after the booking may cause extra charges.

  • Can I delay my balance payment?

    We get it, but unfortunately, we can’t let balance payments slide. Keeping to our payment terms and deadlines helps us provide you with top-notch service. Also, they’re not necessarily our terms – we have to comply with the terms of our charter partners.

  • Managing your boat booking

  • Why do you need personal information from my traveling party/crew?

    We need your crew’s basic details (names and dates of birth) to create a crew list. The charter company uses this information to handle the tourist tax fee payment for you.

  • Where can I see my booking details?

    As soon as we lock in your boat rental with the charter company and process the payment, we’ll email you with all the details of your booking.

  • Where can I see booking conditions?

    You’ll find some of the general booking conditions – license, age, payment, and similar – right here in the support hub. If there are any conditions specific to a charter company or a boat (like ‘no stag/hen parties’ and similar), you’ll find them on the boat page.

  • When will I receive my booking confirmation?

    You’ll receive your booking confirmation email as soon as we double-check your boat’s availability with the charter partner and process your initial payment amount.

    Please give us up to 48 hours for this – it sometimes takes charter companies a day to get back to us. In case you’re paying with a credit card, we’ll charge for the communicated amount as soon as we confirm boat availability. We’ll send the confirmation email after a successful payment.

    In case you’re paying via bank transfer, we’ll notify you to make the payment once we confirm boat availability. Your booking confirmation will arrive 24-48 hours after you make the bank transfer (depending on how long it takes for the banks to process it).

  • What if I have to cancel my booking?

    It’s possible to cancel your booking, but we may charge a cancelation fee if your booking is not eligible for free cancellation or is non-refundable. This fee could be partial or full, depending on when you cancel.

    You’ll find all the details regarding cancelations in your booking confirmation. We’ll email the confirmation to you after we process your payment and confirm the booking with the charter company. After requesting cancellation, you’ll receive an email confirmation or further instructions.

  • What do I have to do if more people join my crew after booking?

    If you added more people to your crew, send us an email update as soon as possible. We’ll need their details so we can add them to your crew list.

    The number of crew cannot exceed your boat’s max occupancy limit.

    For example, if your booking is a boat with the max occupancy of 8 people – and your original crew at the time of booking is 8 people (or 7 if you’re hiring a skipper) – no one else can join you on that boat.

    If this does happen, let us know as soon as possible and we’ll try to arrange a larger boat for you. Cancelation fees may apply, depending on the conditions of your booking. We can’t guarantee we’ll be able to find a boat for your selected dates.

  • What do I do if my crew changes?

    If the number of crew members remains the same, just send us an email with the following information:

    • which crew members have walked the plank/dropped out
    • names of new crew members & ID/passport photo (both sides)

    If you’re adding more people to your crew than the original booking, check your boat’s occupancy limit. For safety reasons, that limit cannot be exceeded, and the charter company will have no choice but to refuse to check-in extra people or cancel your booking.

  • What details do I need to provide to book?

    To get the ball rolling, we’ll just need the basics: your name, email, and phone number. Once we secure your booking, we’ll email you for additional information if we need it – for example, your crew list (and basic details), a valid boat license if booking bareboat, and similar.

  • How to make a booking for friends or family?

    We’d love to help you surprise your loved ones with the ultimate gift – the sea adventure of a lifetime! Unfortunately, you can’t book for anyone unless they’re a part of your crew. There’s a whole forest of privacy and transparency laws around this. So as much as we’d love to help, our hands are tied.

  • How old do I need to be to book a boat?

    To book a boat on our platform, you have to be 18 years of age or older. And you need a valid ID. This is the law in all the countries we operate in, so no exceptions, unfortunately.

  • How do I change my booking dates?

    In the charter world, changing the date of your booking is difficult, especially during the high season (June – September). That’s because most boat holiday makers book a year in advance, reserving date slots and making it impossible for charter companies to be flexible in this area.

    However, if you absolutely must move things around, drop us an email as soon as you’re aware of it.

    We’ll do our best to find other date/boat options for you. (We cannot guarantee the same boat in case we’re able to arrange a date change for you.)

    Before booking, we strongly urge you to:

    • never book simply to ‘reserve’ a boat or a date
    • verify dates with all your crew members
    • if you have to make changes, inform us as soon as possible
  • Can I make changes to my booking online?

    Right now, we don’t offer an option to manage your booking online.

    That’s because all changes to dates, boats, and extras need to be approved by our charter partner. But if you absolutely have to make a change, email us the details as soon as possible (especially for date changes). We’ll contact the charter company and do our best to accommodate your request.

  • Can I extend my boat holiday after the initial booking?

    There’s a huge chance you’ll love your time on the boat so much, you won’t want to leave.

    Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to tack on an extra week on your booking. And we can definitely not guarantee we’ll have the same boat available. High season and all that, you understand.

    Never hurts to give it a shot, though, so send as an email if you’re thinking about it. With enough time, our team can try to work something out with the charter partner.

    But to be on the safe side? If you know you’ll take to boat life like a fish to water, book an extra week immediately!

  • Finding the right boat

  • Will my boat have Wi-Fi access?

    Need access to the Internet to keep your Instagram feed updated with dazzling photos of your sea adventure?

    Some charter companies include a limited Wi-Fi package (5-10GB, usually), while others offer it as a paid extra you can add when booking.

    We’ll clearly state the Wi-Fi situation on every boat page (if we have that information). If you can’t find it, contact us directly and double-check with the charter company and let you know.

    Of course, you can make your own Wi-Fi arrangements before setting sail. Telecom companies offer around the world offer plenty different internet packages for tourists. These usually give you more gigabytes for less money, so they’re worth the 2 minutes you’ll spend googling to find them.

  • Where can I find more information about the boat's features and amenities?

    You’ll find everything we know about the boat – and we made sure we know everything about every listing – on the boat’s page.

    You’ll find the general information about things like boat type, length, fitted sails/engines and fuel tanks, capacity, and how many people it sleeps immediately below photos, in the boat description section.

    Information about available amenities – navigational & safety equipment, entertainment devices, the kitchen situation, air conditioning, and similar – are just below and clearly labeled.

    We regularly check in with the charter company to add/remove amenities as needed. Still, we encourage you to do a quick sweep of the boat before setting out. If something is missing or not working, report it immediately to the charter company. In most cases, missing devices, equipment, and furnishings are a matter of simple oversight – the charter company can quickly fix/replace them while you’re still docked.

  • Is it possible to have a barbecue on the boat?

    Fancy a cookout? Count us in!

    Built-in grills are available on some larger boats, but not all of them. In most cases, you’ll need a portable grill, which some charters offer for extra payment. You’ll find this information on boat pages under amenities and extras.

    If you already have your eye on an ideal boat you like, and the listing mentions nothing about a barbecue, send us an email. Things change, and we can check with the charter if we can make any arrangements for your booking.

  • How do you maintain standards with your charter partners?

    We make sure our charter partners – and every single boat listed on Yachtaris – meet our high standards by doing yearly onsite boat inspections, acting on customer feedback, and offering training and support.

    All charter companies we partner with are reliable, professional, and understand that guest satisfaction is paramount. All boats go through regular inspection and maintenance and damaged and outdated equipment repaired or replaced.

    That said, we appreciate and rely on your feedback, reviews, and reports because they help us keep charters in check and maintain those high standards.

    If you’re not satisfied – with anything, big or small – please contact us ASAP. The first thing we’ll do is coordinate with the charter to resolve your issue. We’ll also use your feedback to evaluate the charter (and their listings) to determine if they meet our standards.

  • How can I be sure that the boat I'm interested in is not a scam?

    We thoroughly check and vet every charter company we partner with. Also, we verify each individual boat listing through on-site visits, regular checks with marina and/or port employees, and by requiring official boat documentation and maintenance records. Your safety – including financial safety – is very important to us, so we’re setting the bar very high for every charter partner that works with us.

  • Do you have boats suitable for large groups?

    You’ll find a wide selection of boats listed on Yachtaris – from 12-meter (40ft) sailboats to 50-meter (165ft) gullets with 19 cabins and 38 berths.

    If you’re planning a personal or a professional event on a boat (with 15 or more people), contact our support team. They will suggest some options that could help shortcut search and booking process.

  • Can the price for my boat change?

    Yes, booking prices on our site can change.

    Similar to hotels, boat rental prices can bob up and down based on the season, how much demand there is, and any special offers that might be available.

    To lock in the price you’re happy with, we suggest you book as soon as you’ve found your perfect deal. When you pay, we guarantee it – the charter company charge more for the booking.

  • Can my party go over boat occupancy limits?

    No can do, we’re afraid.

    For safety and legal reasons, you can’t squeeze more people onto a boat than it’s registered to carry. If you’re hiring a skipper, remember they count as part of your party.

  • Can I see the boat that I'm interested in before booking?

    If you’re wondering if a boat visit or a verification video call is possible, then the answer is no.

    Of course, almost all listings have photos you can flip through to get a sense of the interior and get a sense of the state of the boat. We have taken steps (video calls, checking in with marina employees, and similar) to verify the authenticity of photos.

  • Can I rent a boat to host a hen or stag party weekend?

    If we can find a boat suitable for your needs and the duration of your stay, then most likely, yes.

    However, some charter companies have rules that prohibit certain events (such as stag/hen parties) because of safety reasons. Also, weekend-only rentals are difficult to find during the high season (July-August).

    Your best bet for a hassle-free stag or hen party weekend would be to rent a large, crewed catamaran or gullet. These types of boats are big enough to accommodate large parties, and the crew will be on hand to help with anything you might need.

  • Can I rent a boat for an event?

    Sure you can, but it’s going to depend on the boat, how many people it can hold, and the charter company’s rules.

    To organize an event, contact our customer support team. They can guide you on the best boats and extra services you might want. We also have a lot of crewed rental options, which means you could rent a bout AND a full catering service.

    If you’d like to explore boat booking options for your event, get in touch and we’ll help!

  • Are towels and bed linen provided?

    Yes, bed linen and towels are provided. However, not all charter companies do things the same way- some will leave these items on the boat when preparing it for you. Others might ask you to pick up bed linen/towels from their offices during check-in. You’ll find the details regarding this on the boat page.

  • Are pets allowed on the boat?

    Each boat comes with its own pet policy, but generally, charter companies are pretty pawsitive about having your four-legged friend on board. To be sure, just take a quick look at the boat page or drop us an email.

    And remember, while the boats will have safety jackets for humans, they might not have one for your pet, so don’t forget to pack one for them.

  • Are only Saturday-Saturday boat charter bookings available?

    Most charter bookings are from Saturday to Saturday (so 7 days minimum), especially during the high season (July-August). However, some charter companies offer shorter booking periods (mostly during the low season). You can use search filters on our the website find available shorter-term bookings.

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