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Yachts for rent in Pula

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Yachtaris' boat offering in Pula

Pula, nestled at the southern tip of Croatia's Istrian peninsula, is a haven for sailing enthusiasts. Its stunning coastline boasts sheltered bays, crystal-clear waters, and a rich Roman heritage, including a remarkably preserved amphitheater. With easy access to the idyllic Brijuni Islands, Pula offers a delightful blend of history, adventure, and natural beauty for sailors of all levels.
If you’re looking to set sail from Pula, Yachtaris offers 69 boats from 10 manufacturers like Bavaria Yachtbau, Beneteau, Dufour Yachts and others. Available boats range from 7 m to 17 m. They can accommodate between 4 and 12 people. The boats are docked in ACI Marina Pula, Marina Veruda. We’ve created this offer for you in partnership with Adriatic Yacht Charter, Albatros Yachting, Euromarine charter and others.