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Yachts for rent in Punat

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Yachtaris' boat offering in Punat

Punat, a village on the landlocked inlet Puntarska Draga on the island Krk,is the only island marina offering charter services. That’s partly because it’s connected to the mainland by a bridge (car access), but also because Rijeka city airport is located on Krk. Punat is the perfect homebase for sailing to nearby islands of Rab, Cres, and Pag, as well as exploring the eastern shores of the Istrian Peninsula. Possible longer tours include sailing to Kornati or visiting Nature Park Telašćica on Dugi Otok. For day trips, sailors can explore charming coves of the protected islet of Košljun or visit the 12th-century Franciscan monastery on the islet itself. Another interesting excursion is a visit to nearby Plavnik island, home to the griffon vulture, the largest bird in Europe.
If you’re looking to set sail from Punat, Yachtaris offers 22 boats from 9 manufacturers like Bavaria Yachtbau, Beneteau, D&D Yachts and others. Available boats range from 11 m to 17 m. They can accommodate between 5 and 12 people. The boats are docked in Marina Punat. We’ve created this offer for you in partnership with First Class Sailing, Nautika Kufner.