Finding the right boat

Your dream boat holiday starts with booking the right boat. Click here for details on large party bookings, how to check boat amenities, and more.
  • Are pets allowed on the boat?

    Each boat comes with its own pet policy, but generally, charter companies are pretty pawsitive about having your four-legged friend on board. To be sure, just take a quick look at the boat page or drop us an email.

    And remember, while the boats will have safety jackets for humans, they might not have one for your pet, so don’t forget to pack one for them.

  • Are only Saturday-Saturday boat charter bookings available?

    Most charter bookings are from Saturday to Saturday (so 7 days minimum), especially during the high season (July-August). However, some charter companies offer shorter booking periods (mostly during the low season). You can use search filters on our the website find available shorter-term bookings.

  • Can the price for my boat change?

    Yes, booking prices on our site can change.

    Similar to hotels, boat rental prices can bob up and down based on the season, how much demand there is, and any special offers that might be available.

    To lock in the price you’re happy with, we suggest you book as soon as you’ve found your perfect deal. When you pay, we guarantee it – the charter company charge more for the booking.

  • Do you have boats suitable for large groups?

    You’ll find a wide selection of boats listed on Yachtaris – from 12-meter (40ft) sailboats to 50-meter (165ft) gullets with 19 cabins and 38 berths.

    If you’re planning a personal or a professional event on a boat (with 15 or more people), contact our support team. They will suggest some options that could help shortcut search and booking process.

  • Can I rent a boat to host a hen or stag party weekend?

    If we can find a boat suitable for your needs and the duration of your stay, then most likely, yes.

    However, some charter companies have rules that prohibit certain events (such as stag/hen parties) because of safety reasons. Also, weekend-only rentals are difficult to find during the high season (July-August).

    Your best bet for a hassle-free stag or hen party weekend would be to rent a large, crewed catamaran or gullet. These types of boats are big enough to accommodate large parties, and the crew will be on hand to help with anything you might need.

  • Can I rent a boat for an event?

    Sure you can, but it’s going to depend on the boat, how many people it can hold, and the charter company’s rules.

    To organize an event, contact our customer support team. They can guide you on the best boats and extra services you might want. We also have a lot of crewed rental options, which means you could rent a bout AND a full catering service.

    If you’d like to explore boat booking options for your event, get in touch and we’ll help!

  • Can my party go over boat occupancy limits?

    No can do, we’re afraid.

    For safety and legal reasons, you can’t squeeze more people onto a boat than it’s registered to carry. If you’re hiring a skipper, remember they count as part of your party.

  • How do you maintain standards with your charter partners?

    We make sure our charter partners – and every single boat listed on Yachtaris – meet our high standards by doing yearly onsite boat inspections, acting on customer feedback, and offering training and support.

    All charter companies we partner with are reliable, professional, and understand that guest satisfaction is paramount. All boats go through regular inspection and maintenance and damaged and outdated equipment repaired or replaced.

    That said, we appreciate and rely on your feedback, reviews, and reports because they help us keep charters in check and maintain those high standards.

    If you’re not satisfied – with anything, big or small – please contact us ASAP. The first thing we’ll do is coordinate with the charter to resolve your issue. We’ll also use your feedback to evaluate the charter (and their listings) to determine if they meet our standards.

  • Where can I find more information about the boat's features and amenities?

    You’ll find everything we know about the boat – and we made sure we know everything about every listing – on the boat’s page.

    You’ll find the general information about things like boat type, length, fitted sails/engines and fuel tanks, capacity, and how many people it sleeps immediately below photos, in the boat description section.

    Information about available amenities – navigational & safety equipment, entertainment devices, the kitchen situation, air conditioning, and similar – are just below and clearly labeled.

    We regularly check in with the charter company to add/remove amenities as needed. Still, we encourage you to do a quick sweep of the boat before setting out. If something is missing or not working, report it immediately to the charter company. In most cases, missing devices, equipment, and furnishings are a matter of simple oversight – the charter company can quickly fix/replace them while you’re still docked.

  • Will my boat have Wi-Fi access?

    Need access to the Internet to keep your Instagram feed updated with dazzling photos of your sea adventure?

    Some charter companies include a limited Wi-Fi package (5-10GB, usually), while others offer it as a paid extra you can add when booking.

    We’ll clearly state the Wi-Fi situation on every boat page (if we have that information). If you can’t find it, contact us directly and double-check with the charter company and let you know.

    Of course, you can make your own Wi-Fi arrangements before setting sail. Telecom companies offer around the world offer plenty different internet packages for tourists. These usually give you more gigabytes for less money, so they’re worth the 2 minutes you’ll spend googling to find them.

  • Are towels and bed linen provided?

    Yes, bed linen and towels are provided. However, not all charter companies do things the same way- some will leave these items on the boat when preparing it for you. Others might ask you to pick up bed linen/towels from their offices during check-in. You’ll find the details regarding this on the boat page.

  • Is it possible to have a barbecue on the boat?

    Fancy a cookout? Count us in!

    Built-in grills are available on some larger boats, but not all of them. In most cases, you’ll need a portable grill, which some charters offer for extra payment. You’ll find this information on boat pages under amenities and extras.

    If you already have your eye on an ideal boat you like, and the listing mentions nothing about a barbecue, send us an email. Things change, and we can check with the charter if we can make any arrangements for your booking.

  • How can I be sure that the boat I'm interested in is not a scam?

    We thoroughly check and vet every charter company we partner with. Also, we verify each individual boat listing through on-site visits, regular checks with marina and/or port employees, and by requiring official boat documentation and maintenance records. Your safety – including financial safety – is very important to us, so we’re setting the bar very high for every charter partner that works with us.

  • Can I see the boat that I'm interested in before booking?

    If you’re wondering if a boat visit or a verification video call is possible, then the answer is no.

    Of course, almost all listings have photos you can flip through to get a sense of the interior and get a sense of the state of the boat. We have taken steps (video calls, checking in with marina employees, and similar) to verify the authenticity of photos.