Payments and refunds

At Yachtaris, pricing transparency is our North Star. Here's everything need to know about online and on-site payments, payment methods, and refunds.
  • How do I pay for my boat booking?

    We accept all major credit cards or with a wire transfer. Additional payment options (usually for extras paid at check-in) might be available. We’ll mention them on the boat page.

    If available, we will also show additional booking payment options in the final phase of the booking process.

  • What payment methods do you offer?

    We accept credit card payments and bank transfers for all bookings. You’ll see all the options in the final phase of your booking process.

  • How can I view the balance for my booking?

    Once we confirm your booking and you make an initial payment, we’ll send you an email with all the details, including paid and remaining balance.

  • How can I pay my remaining balance?

    When it comes time to pay your balance, we’ll email you with all the details, depending on your preferred payment method.

  • How can I make a partial payment?

    You can make an in partial payment towards your holiday only if you book more than 30 days before your chosen dates. Your final payment is due 30 days before your check-in date. We’ll email in advance so you’re not caught by surprise.

  • Can I delay my balance payment?

    We get it, but unfortunately, we can’t let balance payments slide. Keeping to our payment terms and deadlines helps us provide you with top-notch service. Also, they’re not necessarily our terms – we have to comply with the terms of our charter partners.

  • When is my credit card charged?

    When you book your boat, we’ll run an authorization check on your credit card, but we won’t charge it. We will only charge you once we double-check with the charter company that your preferred boat is available. This usually happens within 24-48 hours after your place your booking request.

  • In case of approved cancellation, do I get my full paid amount back?

    The refund amount upon approved cancellation depends on the charter’s booking policy. You’ll find that information on the boat page.

  • Why didn't I get a full amount refund after cancellation?

    You’re eligible for a full refund on your boat booking only in certain cases, and only with certain charter companies. You can see the refund policy for each boat on the boat page.

  • Can my booking price change after booking?

    Once we confirm your booking (and after you make the initial payment, either in full or partial), your price is locked in. However, any additional services or modifications requested after the booking may cause extra charges.