Dalmatia’s Nautical Anchors: 69 New Sustainable Changes on the Horizon


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New Anchorage Plan for Dalmatia: A Detailed Look at Changes for Boaters

Anchorage Protection and Environmental Initiatives

The recent Anchorage SOZ Study reveals that over a third of the new locations fall under the European Network of Nature Protected Areas 2000. This ensures that these anchorages protect vital marine habitats like Posidonia, essential for maintaining biodiversity. A new anchor bolt system is being introduced to minimize the area occupied by anchor blocks, preserving these critical ecosystems.

Comprehensive Plan for Nautical Anchorages

In Split, the Split-Dalmatia County unveiled its plan for the layout of nautical anchorages, marking a significant step in managing marine waters. This collaborative effort included several institutions, organizations, and local concessionaires. Citizens can access the plan via the Fumorsko je dobro web portal.

Adopted by the County Assembly on April 29, the plan serves as a foundational document for creating spatial plans for local development. The Administrative Department for Tourism, Maritime Affairs, and Transport will provide cities with data on the number, location, size, and capacity of anchorages. These parameters are crucial for developing spatial plans and issuing concessions for nautical anchorages.

Implementation and Permits

Posidonia Oceanica Fields in Adriatics Sea
Posidonia Oceanica

A representative from a participating company highlighted that 69 locations are covered by the plan, with about 10 already under active concession. This plan aims to streamline the process of obtaining location permits by providing clear parameters for anchorage locations and capacities. After public consultations, eight new locations were added, while some were relocated or abolished due to traffic obstructions or alternative land use plans.

Economic Impact and Concession Details

Split-Dalmatia County currently holds 10 contracts for maritime domain concessions, generating a total income of 407,000 Euros. Under new regulations, concessions can only be granted based on valid location permits. The process, although lengthy and detailed, now includes precise parameters for anchoring methods and technical solutions.

The revenue from concession fees is divided as follows: 30% to the state budget, 40% to local government budgets, and 30% to local self-government units. Concessionaires are responsible for waste collection, sea cleaning, and maintaining order and safety on maritime properties.

Future of Nautical Anchorages

Minimal environmental impact is a key goal, with over two-thirds of the new locations protected within the Natura 2000 network. This year, 12-15 new concession anchorages are expected, with plans covering 1,109 fields.

A concessionaire on the island of Šćedro noted that the new plan redefines their concession, requiring more ecological anchoring methods. This will likely increase investment and potentially raise prices due to reduced capacities and higher ecological standards.

Interest in anchorage concessions is growing, with 5-6 offers per concession. Transparent communication and adherence to the Maritime Property Act are crucial for fair and effective concession management.

Looking Forward: Smart Buoys

Kamenjak Nature Park, Author: Aleksandar Gospić, Source: Croatian National Tourist Board

A few years ago, a project proposed the installation of smart buoys in the Adriatic, offering a modern alternative to traditional private concessions. These buoys would allow for mobile reservations and payments, with management by port authorities. This system promises economic benefits for the state and local governments, but progress has stalled, and traditional private concessions remain the norm.

Adopting smart buoys could resolve issues caused by some concessionaires charging unfairly and operating outside their designated fields. While not yet implemented, this advanced model could offer a more practical and economically beneficial solution in the future.

What Will Change Boat Renters in Dalmatia

For sailors planning to explore Dalmatian anchorages, the new plan offers:

  • More Options: 69 new anchorages for greater variety and flexibility.
  • Enhanced Experience: Smaller, less crowded anchorages for a serene environment.
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly anchoring systems to protect marine biodiversity.

A potential downside of the project could be higher prices for buoys due to new costs and smaller buoy fields. Prepare for an unforgettable sailing adventure, embracing new developments responsibly and sustainably. Safe travels and happy sailing!

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